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On the lookout for high-quality Rz masks? Perhaps you need a specific TrigJig Angle Finder? Whatever you’re looking for, The People’s Tool Co. has got what you need. We’re your trusted tool store for all your trade tool requirements.

The People’s Tool Co is a Melbourne based tool store that caters to your professional trade tool needs all across Australia. We strive to be the prime choice for all carpenters, painters, gardeners, and plumbers.


All your trade tool needs in one convenient place

Our catalogue of high-quality brands includes the likes of Diamondback tool belts, Mafell sawing and cutting tools, Martinez equipment, and a host of others.

For instance, if you’re a carpenter you would know what a difference the Martinez Handle system makes for your hammer work. It’s equipped with interchangeable heads that let you go from 1 titanium handle to the 32oz sledge head. 
So whether you’re in need of top-notch nail bags, pouches, hammers, or clamps, our tool store promises premium quality trade tools made to last.

Get a better feel thanks to Augmented Reality

We understand that browsing products like professional trade tools aren’t the same thing as in a physical store. That’s why we’ve implemented an Augmented Reality solution for you. Through the solution, you get to view our products in Augmented Reality which gives you a far more immersive experience than the typical online store.

Experts in helping you find your tools for the trade

We’ve been serving the Australian market for years. Our range of products varies from clamps to toolbelts and suspenders. Browse through our catalogue of amazing trade tools and experience what true quality feels like.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Got questions for us? You can reach out to us via or our contact page.

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