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The Simple Easy Stair Gauge (1 Pair)

Turn any Square into a Martinez Square with the ‘Simple Easy Stair Gauge’.   Fits any square with varying thickness’s, with an adjustable opening, ranging from 0- 5/16ths.

The challenging work to adjust your stair gauge has been simplified with a hard anodized cam lock.  Once set to your ‘go to’ square, the cam lock  allows for simple adjustments to be done with one hand.

The hard anodized, machined barrel has a smooth contact area that will eliminate any scratching on the surface of a square, while holding tight through the course of a workday.

  • Please Note: this is for 1 pair of stair gauges
  • Universal
  • Perfect for stair layouts and repeated cuts in framing
  • Single hand, easy use, hard anodized cam lock
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Laser etched, hard anodized, aluminum barrels

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