Do NOT just use your normal pant size. While wearing summer clothes, measure where you are going to wear your belt on your waist. Then, use the sizing guide to determine your Diamondback belt size.

WaistBelt Size

27″ — 30″Extra Small (XS)

31″ – 34″Small (S)

35″ – 38″Medium (M)

39″ – 42″Large (L)

43″ – 46″Extra Large (XL)

47″ – 50″Double Extra Large (XXL)

51″ – 54″Triple Extra Large (XXXL)

Diamondback Sizing Video



Yes.  Diamondback pouches, belts and suspenders are designed to work with other brands. Pouches will fit on any belt up to 3″, and other pouches will fit on the belts.  However, there are added benefits of combining Diamondback products.  For instance, the connection between belts and pouches locks the pouches in place and prevents them from sliding during use.



5-year guarantee on workmanship

  • If stitching fails or if the pouch wears out from normal use, we will replace it.
  • If we no longer carry the item you purchased, we will replace it with an item of equal value.

The warranty does not cover tears or rips caused by saws, knives, chisels, or other such objects. It does not cover abnormal wear and tear caused by misuse of the product. Improper use of your equipment such as hanging tools from the suspender loops on the belt will also void the warranty.