Collins Tool Co Miter Spring Pliers and 13 Miter Clamps

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Glueing up mitered corners and keeping them from opening up can be a difficult and frustrating job. However, Spring Clamps are a quick and easy solution. The Collins Spring Clamp System is one of the most economical we've ever come across.

Pliers and 13 spring Miter Clamps are included in this package. The Miter Clamps spread from 0 to approximately 2 inches, therefore there is no need to carry a bunch of different sizes. Their sharp points pierce the wood without cutting wood fibers.

These Miter Clamps keep any mitered corner from opening up while glue dries for the perfect finish. They are a perfect choice for picture frames, moldings, trim work and any compound miter.

Please note, this does not include the carabiner anymore.

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