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The Coping Foot is a dome shape base for the jig saw that allows you to bevel, turn and pitch the blade while changing any of those angles during the cut. Any way the blade is angled the saw is supported right at the kerf. Making a twisting cut such as you would find in a spiral handrail is a skill easy to learn with a coping foot. When the saw is held by the barrel with the blade up, very clean, accurate and complex cuts can be made such as you would encounter coping crown molding.

coping foot

The Coping Foot is very compact. You can saw very close to other obstacles. Do a sink cutout up against a back splash for instance or cut a bottom plate next to a stud. Any big scribing job is much easier with a Coping Foot because you can back bevel at will without making any adjustments to an adjustment screw. Finish carpenters use the jig saw mostly for back beveling irregular lines, and so the Coping Foot becomes the ideal base for the jig saw. Many carpenters never change back to a flat base unless they need to scroll.

coping foot

The Coping Foot is formed from 14 ga. plated steel. You’ll wear out a couple of jig saws before you wear out your Coping Foot.

The Coping Foot for free-handing with the jig saw fits the following tools:



1581 screwdriver blade lock

1582 screwdriver blade lock

1584 click knob blade lock

1587 click knob blade lock

470 front lever blade release




120 12 volt

DOES NOT FIT 1590, 1591 front lever blade release WITH COOL BLOCKS RUBBING BLADE


318 hex key blade lock

321 click knob blade lock

323 click knob blade lock

331 finger guard on base



300 and model previous to the 300

We now have foots for the Carvex but point out that the cost is double due to parts and labor






M12 (with slightly increased blade slot)





4351 barrel

4350 handle




All models


Rigid does not fit Fuego



Many o f the saws on this list are now equipped with a wire finger guard that prevents the operator from getting fingers between the saw body and the base. If the guard interferes with the installation of a Coping Foot you may choose to move it according t o your own ingenuity. Understand that it will void any claims against the manufacturer for injuries causes by its absence or alteration.

Power tools are dangerous in the hands of an unskilled person. To develop skill i n the use of a free - handing jig saw, clamp the stock to the bench and go slowly at first using both hands on the saw for control and for personal protection.

Although the Coping Foot can be installed on many battery powered saws, they are not recommended for the simple reason that battery p owered tools can not be locked on.

The Coping Foot fits some home - owner saws although they may not be suited for coping.

New models are coming out constantly. Call us if your saw is not on this list.

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