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Flat Bar Holster

Another Diamondback original, the Flat Bar Holster lets you carry up to three flat/pry bars securely and safely behind your non-dominant pouch, keeping this high-use tool at the ready while preventing damage to delicate surroundings.  Available as standard equipment on featured setups or easily added to any Diamondback pouch, new or old.

- Rides horizontally behind the non-dominant pouch, keeping your flat bar out of the way, yet within easy reach

- Securely stow that sharp, pointy tool you know is just looking for a cabinet or floor to bang up

- Three slots protect those long, thin, otherwise hard to stow bars, squares, rulers and more


- Choose from Black, Red, Blue or Ranger Green. Fits left of right side.


Weight              0 lb, 4 oz

Dimensions     9.5 x 4 x 0.5

Colors                Black, Red, Blue, Ranger Green

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