Fasco Positive Placement Nail Gun

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Make swift work of attaching metal connectors with the Fasco F70G Cordless Joist Anchor Hanger Nailer (item #11685F). This metal hanger nailer is both hardworking and conveniently mobile, driving two to three nails per second and powered by the gas fuel cell in combination with battery. Giving you freedom from compressors and hoses, this cordless metal connector gun features a specialty nose for joist hanger nails, rear-loading magazine and rubber comfort grip to prevent slipping and fatigue. Easily and quickly install joist hangers, hurricane ties, connector straps, and framing hardware.

The F70G cordless metal connector nailer has single-shot sequential firing for safety and precision, adjustable drive depth, and dry-fire lockout, which extends the life of the tool. The gas-powered hanger nailer drives 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” metal connector nails, great for reinforcing roofs, floors, decks, and ceilings. Kit comes with carrying case, spare battery and charger. The Fasco nailer is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Requires both fuel cell and battery to operate.


Runs on Paslode Gas with the Right angle head

Shoots Simpson Joist Connector Nails

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