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The front of MagClip bit holders has a clear red reflex to appear better when there is less light. The plastic is of high quality to withstand tough conditions in heat and cold. On the inside is a powerful neodymium magnet, which holds bits on the sides and creates a large magnetic surface for attaching other things to, for example. a whole barrel screw.

MagClip is patented and a registered trademark.

The back of the MagClip bit holder has a heavy clamp that can handle wide belts and at the same time sits well directly on a thinner trousers.

At the top are two empty places for placing bits when you want to change quickly and the large area is occupied with other accessories. The bits are of high quality in S2 steel and are angled for easier access. 

The bits on the left side are PZ1 , PZ2  PZ3 , T20, T25 , T30, and T40.

On the right side we have PH1, PH2 PH3 , H3  H4, H5, H6 and at the bottom a 5 cm long PH2 .




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