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The NEW RSA180 Solid is the latest addition to the TrigJig Rafter Square range. Designed and built to be tough, durable, precise and used every day on-site.

Features include;

  • Protractor
  • Common rafter scale
  • Hip/valley rafter scale
  • 175mm ruler and 100mm ruler
  • Scribe holes at 5mm intervals

The RSA180 Solid is manufactured to the same high standard as all of our RSAs, including;

  • CNC machined profiled for maximum precision
  • CNC engraved degree lines that will not wear away
  • Built from high grade European sourced T6 6082 aluminium
  • Finished with >15micron thick protective anodised layer

The RSA180 Solid has a fixed heel without a spirit level. This helps achieve a lower price point as the simplified design has a lower manufacturing cost than its siblings (RSA180 Fixed and RSA180 Adjustable) but maintains the same build quality and attention to detail.

There are scribe notches every 5mm for quick and accurate marking using carpenter/mechanical pencils and scribes.

A laser marked ruler is recessed in a shallow machined pocket on both sides. This means the graduation marks do not come into contact with the surface of your material and so prevents premature wear.

There are two handy tables that show rafter length per metre of run and rise per metre of run.

Available with silver, black or graphite heals, the RSA180 Solid is possibly our coolest looking tool to date.

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