Model: Easy-Release Tape Holster
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Standard Tape Pouch-

The newly designed Small Easy-Release Tape Holster is sized perfectly for a 5 Meter or 8 Meter tape. A 50mm steel clip makes attaching it to a tool or pants belt hassle-free. We call this design “easy-release” because the bottom of the pouch is made flexible nylon webbing. This allows you to pop the tape up out of the pouch by pushing up on the bottom the bottom of the pocket.



Deluxe Tape Pouch-

The New Easy-Release Deluxe Tape Holster is designed to hold a 10 meter Fat Max tape. It features eight outer slots for pencils, markers or bits. The Diamondback Easy-Release bottom makes popping your tape out…well, easy. Equipped with a 2″ steel clip, the Deluxe Tape Pouch can easily attach to any tool or pants belt. It can also be attached to any tool pouch

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