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A great blade with excellent sharpness and long life. Developed for all-round use wherever there is a need for cutting with precision and control. Comes as 10 blades packed in a practical springloaded dispenser for easy blade change. The dispenser fits inside the handle of Hultafors utility knives. Used blades can be stored in the back of the dispenser to keep the workplace safe. Also available in a big size dispenser of 100 blades. 388550 and 388650 will eventually (depending on stock level) replace 388520 and 388620 sometime during 2017.

  • Optimized for universal use to match the needs of professional craftsmen
  • Made from SK5 carbon steel and hardened to 58-60 HRC.
  • 10 blades inside. Just push to dispense a new blade.
  • Storage space for used blades to improve safety in the workplace.

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